Dill Restaurant

DILL is the first Icelandic restaurant to receive a star from the Michelin Guide Celeriac, mussels and dulse Sunchokes, skyr and dill Carrot, fennel and dung-smoked trout Cod, cabbage and onion Beef brisket, parsley and whey Milk and cookies Rutabaga, cream and crowberries The bill

Cafe Loki

Dinner at Cafe Loki Icelandic meat soup Icelandic plate II Rye bread with mashed fish, dried fish with butter, rye bread with smoked trout, fermented shark and flatbread with smoked lamb Fermented shark Tea time Pancake with Skyr & caramel sauce, very yummy!

Reykjavik Residence Hotel

Back to Reykjavík We stayed 2 nights at Reykjavik Residence Hotel, this is the main building We stayed at the nearby building, within walking distance from the main building We stayed in Superior Studio A living room A small balcony

3-Day Private Ice-Cave Tour

3-Day Private Ice Cave Tour by Goecco Day 1 – South Shore Expedition Met our tour guide at 9pm at Sandhotel Seljalandsfoss Skogafoss Reynisfjara Beach (Black sand beach) Lunch at Restaurant Sudur Vik Checked-in Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon Day 2 – Ice caving and glacier hiking Ice cave in Vatnajökull Glacier Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Lunch at Fjallsarlun... Continue Reading →

Reykjavik 2018 – Food

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur The famous Icelandic hot dog Hot Dog House Pylsuhusid Reykjavik Roasters Another hot dog stand Pylsusinnep, Icelandic Hot Dog Mustard Isey Skyr


We stayed one night at Sandhotel Standard double room Sand Bar & Bistro Himbrimi Gin Sandholt Bakery


We took Icelander FI501 from Amsterdam to Reykjavik Laugavegur Shopping Street Near Ingólfur Square A small park near Ingólfur Square *** Headed back to Reykjavík after a 3-day tour Our tour guide told us that this is the best noodle shop in town We walked to the shore after check-in Enjoyed a whole day in Reykjavik Lækjartorg Bonus,... Continue Reading →

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