Ho Chi Minh City & Con Dao 2017

Mini statistics, how many times have I been to Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh City: 2000, 2009 & 2010 Nah Trang: 2006 Phu Quoc: 2010 Lang Co: 2013 Hanoi: 2013 A new place to go in 2017 - Con Dao We took late night flight CX0721 from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City and arrived after... Continue Reading →

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The St. Regis Singapore

This was my second time staying at The St. Regis Singapore It is a nice & quiet hotel Nice bathtub It takes around 15 mins by walk to Ion Orchard, its location is not that far away from the centre.

Singapore 2017

It will take a while for me to finish the post for the safari trip, let me start writing for another trip first ... A short trip to Singapore I took late afternoon flight to Singapore to meet my hubby and family. Late dinner at Jumbo Seafood (The Riverwalk), no picture.   We stayed at... Continue Reading →

Wuhan 2017

三楚一樓 The original site of Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓 was on the Yellow Crane Jetty 湖北省武昌蛇山黃鶴磯頭 in year 223 (公元223年三國時代東吳黃武二年). The tower has been destroyed several times. In 1981 he Tower was rebuilt at a new location and completed in 1985. Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓 is one of the Four Great Towers of China 江南四大名樓之一... Continue Reading →

Phnom Penh 2017

An ad-hoc trip to Phnom Penh during Easter Holiday Also Khmer New Year Holiday at that time, we expected most of the attractions would be closed, thus we planned to do nothing, just chill out and relax. E-visa can be applied online, very easy and fast. https://www.evisa.gov.kh/ Day 1 We took CX5208, arrived Phnom Penh... Continue Reading →

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