Bistro Bij ons

Dutch stamppot tastery 3 traditional Dutch stamp pots in mini panns with bacon, gravy, sausage and granny's stewed beef

Restaurant Vinkeles

The Dylan Amsterdam Restaurant Vinkeles Drink before dinner Chef's signature menu Mackerel Raw, tapioca, cockles, preserved almonds, grape, plankton, pimento oil, green apple gazpacho Dutch cultivated oyster 5/0 "Rockefeller Ventricle, lemon, green herbs gratin Scallops Macadamia, black currant, smoked marrow, mushrooms, pine oil Turbot Glazed, garlic, roasted onion, artichoke, poultry jus Japanese Joshu Wagyu, Gunma... Continue Reading →


Markthal (Market Hall) The Markthal is a residential and office building with a market hall underneath Market hall underneath Colourful ceiling Nearby open air market


Our first time to Rotterdam We took a morning train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam, here is the area outside Amsterdam Centraal station A lot of bike parking space, but all of them are occupied Amsterdam Centraal station On our way to Rotterdam Rotterdam Centraal Station

Haesje Claes

Braised beef, Slow cooked beef in grandma's style with red cabbage , mashed potatoes and apple compote Today special, mashed potato with apple, served with meatball


Pendergast, a small smokehouse restaurant, is located in a quiet residential area Beef, Brisket, Black Angus, USA Pork, Loinback Ribs, Duroc, ES Side, Collard Greens, Black kale, garlic, red pepper flakes The special sauce

Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

Back to Amsterdam We stayed 4 nights at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam Our favourite Junior Suite A new place for breakfast, the restaurant Bridges was closed for renovation during our stay. The Flying Dutchman In room breakfast

Dill Restaurant

DILL is the first Icelandic restaurant to receive a star from the Michelin Guide Celeriac, mussels and dulse Sunchokes, skyr and dill Carrot, fennel and dung-smoked trout Cod, cabbage and onion Beef brisket, parsley and whey Milk and cookies Rutabaga, cream and crowberries The bill

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