Hatton is located 120km away from Colombo in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, it is a little town in the heart of the Tea Country, the gateway to Adam’s Peak.

the making of tea

one of the must-do activities in Sri Lanka is visit the Tea Factory 7-steps in tea processing: 1. plucking 2. withering 3. rolling 4. fermentation 5. firing & baking 6. sorting & grading 7. packaging tea tasting

tea trail – S3

back to my Sri Lanka travelogue Each bungalow has a few recommended hiking routes choose from a leisurely promenade to a real hike of up to 6 hours we picked the easy one – S3 Starting point - Wanarajah Estate Summerville Division follow the marked trails the real "tea trail", the tea worker's job is... Continue Reading →

full board @ Summerville Bungalow

first day at Summerville Bungalow our lunch super yummy strawberry tart afternoon tea nice tea with nice view dinner 2nd day lunch room rates include international wines, premium spirits & liqueurs, beer, juices and soft drinks ... afternoon cream tea dinner at day 2 last day at Summerville Bungalow all the foods were so delicious!

Castlereagh Lake

Time to say Goodbye to Castlereagh Bungalow Definitively Ceylon Tea Trails is ranked high in my top favourite hotel or resorts list, my only regret was staying only one night at Castlereagh Bungalow, luckily 2 more nights at Summerville Bungalow. The staff of Castlereagh Bungalow suggested us to transfer to Summerville Bungalow by kayak. That’s a good... Continue Reading →

full board @ Castlereagh Bungalow

Ceylon Tea Trails room rates include bed tea, full English or Sri Lankan breakfast, 3-course lunch or rice & curry (gourmet packed lunch if on excursion), traditional afternoon cream tea (scones, clotted cream, jams, cakes, sandwiches), pre-dinner cocktails, 4-course gourmet dinner, a selection of international wines, premium spirits & liqueurs, beer, juices and soft drinks,... Continue Reading →

5.5 hour drive from Galle to Hatton

unless you only stay in Colombo or you have plenty of time to take public transportation, the best way to travel across Sri Lanka is to rent a car with English speaking chauffeur you will find many car rental companies in Sri Lanka on internet, to play safe, we asked hotel for a referral. The transfer... Continue Reading →

11 days in Sri Lanka

We started planning our Sri Lanka trip almost 10 months ago; our original plan was staying in Galle to attend a wedding and one more coastal city, such as Tangalle, Bentota, Negombo, to enjoy the sun and beach. Except Ceylon tea, we knew nothing about Sri Lanka; we thought probable we would not go to... Continue Reading →

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