Fischhaus Dusseldorf

Dinner at Fischhaus Dusseldorf Fish soup, with a lot of cream, not my taste Steamed halibut, the sauce was very yummy, but the fish was overcooked and the mashed potato was very salty, overall tasted bad!

Hotel Bismarck Dusseldorf

Hotel Bismarck Dusseldorf is a family-run hotel, with only 45 rooms. The room is quite small and old fashioned, but clean. Good location, OK breakfast, free Wi-Fi, free fruit, for that room rate, it is good value for money. There is a lift to every floor, but some rooms are located on a different level... Continue Reading →

3 flights in a day

A packed business trip, 3 cities in 3 days - Frankfurt, Hamburg and Dusseldorf Arrived Frankfurt in Monday morning, CX flight delayed, almost missed our connected flight to Hamburg. Finished day 1 work Had plenty of time to do supermarket shopping before taking the 3rd flight to Dusseldorf. Stayed at Hotel Bismarck Dusseldorf Took underground... Continue Reading →

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