Chef Recommendation (Table Menu)

Foie Gras Pate
Beet Root Paper with Mint Passion Fruit Jelly

Deluxe Sashimi Platter

Fish Maw Katsu with Yuzu Truffle Pepper Onsen Tamago Sauce

Mixed Seafood Santen Mori
Grilled Hokkaido Scallop with Mini Tomato Shiso Salsa
Fried King Carb with Lime Matcha Sea Salt
Uni Shiso Tempura with Tare

Royal Cristal Caviar with Okinawa Peanut Tofu

Baked French Blue Lobster with Salmon Roe

Grilled Kagoshima Wagyu Striploin Misoyaki with Sansho Pepper Beef Jus

Matsuba Crab Risotto with Tatami Iwashi

Katsuo Dashi with Kanto Sea Cucumber

Japanese Soy Milk Panna Cotta with Okinawa Brown Sugar Soy Sauce Syrup

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