Restaurant Vinkeles

The Dylan Amsterdam

Restaurant Vinkeles

Drink before dinner

Chef’s signature menu

Raw, tapioca, cockles, preserved almonds, grape, plankton, pimento oil, green apple gazpacho

Dutch cultivated oyster 5/0 “Rockefeller
Ventricle, lemon, green herbs gratin

Macadamia, black currant, smoked marrow, mushrooms, pine oil

Glazed, garlic, roasted onion, artichoke, poultry jus

Japanese Joshu Wagyu, Gunma A5 (50 grams)
Chinese Oscietra caviar, roasted cabbage, jus of Dashi vinegar and black garlic

Anjou pigeon “Imperial”
Breast, preserved blackberries, beetroot “liquorice”, sauce of the bones thickened with duck liver

Buttermilk, lemon thyme, nutmeg

Sorbet, cheese cake, Murray salt, oatmeal, coriander

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