Tokyo 2012 / 2013

We did a lot of research and a packed schedule was originally planned (2 areas per day), but finally we gave up some.  The traffic is quite complicated, make sure you plan beforehand.

Our itinerary:

Arrived Haneda Airport 羽田空港 slightly earlier than the original schedule time (CX548 – 08:40/13:25). Luckily we were very first in the long queue at the airport immigration, and finally arrived hotel – Keio Plaza Hotel around 2pm, perfect time to have a late lunch at Five F Dinner 小田急店 in Shinjuku 新宿 area.

The weather was not good at Day 1, a shower in the late afternoon, we just walked around Shinjuku area.


A light meal at Komatsuan 小松庵新宿高島屋店 before Yakitori dinner at Omoide Yokocho 思い出横町.

Day 2, we went to Ginza 銀座 to meet our ex-colleague, she suggested to have Tofu / Yuba course at Umenohana 梅の花, a good new try!


Happy to see the blue sky!


After lunch we went to Aoyama 青山 to have some shopping time and then walked to Harajuku 原宿.

Tea time at at La Maison du Chocolat. Then backed to Shinjuku to have Teppanyaki dinner at Mon Cher Ton Ton.


Day 3, bad weather, rained all day!

Late breakfast at 正月屋吉兆, then we had Shabu-Shabu lunch at Seryna 瀨里奈.

At first we planned to walk from Harajuku to Shibuya … but we found that it was not enjoyable to have a long walk under heavy rain, thus we made a detour to Ginza.


We spent our day at Ginza, tea time at Fujiya 不二家.

A light sashimi meal at Sushigen 鮨源, then had tempura dinner at Tenichi Ten-Ichi 天一.


Day 4, happy to see the blue sky again.

We went to Roppongi 六本木 to find the Inaniwa udon resturant –  Azabu Kyutoku 麻布久徳.

Visited the Doraemon shop in TV Asahi.


After lunch, we backed to Shinjuku.

Tea time at Cook Coop Café.

Most of the department stores closed at 6:00 / 6:30pm in the New Year Eve.

Yakitori encore at Omoide Yokocho.

New Year Eve sashimi & sushi dinner at Ginza Kyubey 銀座久兵衛.

Day 5 New Year Day, most of the shops were closed.


We walked around Shinjuku area, had ramen at 十味や, then headed to airport.

Lunch at Port-Side Kitchen グリル満天星麻布十番.

Goodbye Tokyo!


I love 午後の紅茶, esp the Winne the Pooh (Pooh San) version.


Nice ice-cream from Lawson (convenience store)


I brough 2 little Kuma San home (they are Brown, character of LINE)

More posts are coming …

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