Hansik Goo

Tasting Lunch Menu

Korean Starter
Bugak, Clam Juk with Egg Jjim

Seasonal Seafood, Spring Vegetables with Plum Dressing

Fish Mandu
Geumtae Stuffed with Pork & Vegetables and Choganjang Sauce

Samgye Risotto 2.0
Hansik Goo Ginseng Chicken Risotto with Abalone

Extra: Korean Pancake

Extra: Korean Fried Chicken
with Yuza Jang

BBQ Pork with Yukhweh Bibimbap
Ganjang & Gochujang Marinated Pork, Bossam Kimchi, Today’s Banchan, Beef Tartare Bibimbap

Deodeok Ice Cream, Rhubarb Juice, Toasted Buckwheat

Jang Trio
Doenjang Creme Brulee, Ganjang Pecan, Gochujang Powder

Black Sesame Dasik, Yakgwa

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