MONO by Ricardo Chaneton

Journey Menu


Welcome snack: King crab infladita

Rock lobster / Venezuelan vuelve a la vida

Andean vegetables salad


Uruguayan Ossetra Royal caviar / Causa limeña / Kalamata olives

Quinoa sourdough / Eva Aguilera 100% Arbequina olive oil

Imperial langoustine / Ecuatorian cacao


Cevennes onion / Black sesame / Shallot cloud

Brittany sting ray / Brazilian moqueca

Aveyron lamb barbacoa / Mole / Costa Rican cassava root


Mexican nopal / Tuna / Habanero-yuzu

Our homemade chocolate / Rosemary / Tonda Iblea olive oil

Dulces: Alfajor and seasonal fruit jelly

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