Wako Japanese Restaurant

Omakase menu

Starter – Herring roe with Japanese mustard spinach, pumpkin puree and smoked trout roe

Appertizer – Chestnut shirae with crown daisy, mushroom; Ankimo pate with tabasco ponzu; King mackerel nanbanzuke; Grilled black cod; Miso cream cheese with cherry tomato; Fried lotus root chips

Wild halfbeak (Miyagi, Japan)

Wild halibut (Korea)

Striped jack (Ehime, Japan)

Ink squid with sea urchin (Ehime, Japan)

Snow crab with crab miso (Hyogo, Japan)

Fired scallop with rice cracker, cod milt, daikon radish, carrot on the side, yuzu citrus and mitsuba on top

Red nose amberjack (Kagoshima, Japan)

Seared barracuda (Chiba, Japan)

Wild mackerel (Nagasaki, Japan)

Cherry salmon (Hokkaido, Japan)

Smoked bonito (Miyagi, Japan)

Marlin fish with mustard egg sauce, celery and black beans and salmon roe

Sea urchin with salmon roe (Hokkaido, Japan)

Golden eye snapper (Chiba, Japan)

Wild yellowtail (Ishikawa, Japan)

Blue fin tuna belly with caviar (Turkey)

Sea eel (Nagasaki, Japan)

Miso soup

Seafood egg cake

Matcha tiramisu

Black sesame pudding

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