Chiang Mai 2019

Day 1

乘搭 07:50 / 09:35 由香港去 Bangkok,再乘搭 13:15 / 14:25 由 Bangkok 去 Chiang Mai

137 Pillars House Chiang Mai

East Borneo Suite


Ping River

Jack Bain’s Bar

原本打算晚上去酒店的吃晚飯,但由於有點疲倦又不是太肚餓,所以最後只叫了 Room services

Day 2

Breakfast at The Dining Room

Half-day tour

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep (mountain)

Baan Tong Luang Eco-agricultural Hill Tribes Village

Half day tour 之後直接去 Central Festival Chiang Mai

Lunch at Laemcharoen Seafood

大約 5:00pm 返回酒店,休息一下,大約 6:30pm 再出發。

過橋去 Chinatown

再行去 Kalare Night Bazaar。原本只打算去夜市行下,但見到夜市內的食物也頗吸引,所以就點了些食物。


Jack Bain’s Bar

Day 3


去酒店附近的 Khao Soi Pa Pai


中午出發去 Warorot Market、Ton Lam Yai Market

CentralPlaza Chiang Mai Airport

吃晚飯的餐廳在 Chiang Mai Old City,所以我們早一點出發去逛下。原本我打算在 Fort of Sri-Poom 落車,但司機在遠一點的 Chang Phuak Gate 停車。

The House by Ginger

乘車返回酒店路過 Fort

Day 4



Chiang Mai Old City

Central Festival Chiang Mai

Hotel 職員幫我們叫 Grab food

Sai ua (Northern Thai sausage), Sai Au Kam Pang

Woo Cafe

Dinner at The Dining Room

Day 5

10:05 / 11:25 Chiang Mai – Bangkok

14:00 / 17:45 Bangkok – Hong Kong

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