The Strand Cafe

The Strand Cafe

Day 1 Breakfast

Day 1 afternoon tea

Classic high tea

Scone with mascarpone cram, lemon grass and homemade papaya jam
Green tea panacotta with ricecracker

Lemon meringue tart
Fresh fruit rum baba
Seasonal mango mini eclair
Chocolate ganache macaroon
Pistachio Turkish delight with rose water

Cream cheese and black forest ham roll
Italian coppa, preserved fig and ricotta cheese on toast
Salmon tartare with dill
Green asparagus with agar agar canape

Day 2 breakfast

Mohinga (rick noodles with fish soup)

Naan Gyi Thote

White & black sticky rice

Day 2 afternoon tea

Myanmar high tea

Ginger salad with cabbage, shallots, tomatoes and crispy beans

Chicken and vegetables spring roll
Pancake with brown peas and spring onions

Sticky rice duo with salted sesame powder

Carrot and coconut pudding
Semolina pudding with raisins and cashew nuts
Pandan and coconut agar agar

Steamed plantain in coconut cream
Rice dumplings stuffed with palm sugar
Tapioca pearls cooked in cane sugar syrup

Day 2 dinner

Ngar Mote Kyaw, Fish cracker

Kahyan Thee Thoke, Eggplant salad

Lahpet Thoke Fermented, Tea-leave salad

Sate Thar Hin, Mutton curry

Khayan Thee Hin, Eggplant curry

Day 3 breakfast

Day 4 breakfast

Day 4 lunch

La Phat Yae, Myanmar tea

Shellfish bisque with shrimp crostini and fresh vanilla

Shan Khao Swel, Shan noodle

Shan noodle, mixed


Myin Khwar Ywet Thoke, Pennywort salad

Kahyan Thee Thoke, Eggplant salad

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