Taipei 2018

Another weekend trip

Day 1

We took 7:55pm flight to Taipei, almost one hour delay.

Went to the hot pot place Wulao 無老鍋 – 台北市民店 straight from the airport, arrived just before midnight.

Checked-in Le Méridien Taipei 台北寒舍艾美酒店

Day 2

Breakfast @ Hao Gong Dao Jin Ji Yuan 好公道金雞園

Wandering around Yongkang Street 永康街

Taipei Main Station 臺北車站

Line Friends Store – Breeze Taipei Station 微風台北車站店

Fuzhou Black Pepper Bun 福州世祖胡椒餅

Jen Ju Dan 珍煮丹 – 信義市府店

Backed to hotel

Line Friends Cafe & Store – Shinkong Mitsukoshi 新光三越A11

Duan Chun Zhen Beef Noodles 段純貞牛肉麵

Taipei 101

Mao Yuan Taiwanese Cuisine 茂園餐廳

Liaoning Street Night Market 遼寧街夜市

Jen Ju Dan 珍煮丹 – 長安遼寧店

Day 3

Din Tai Fung Fuxing Store 鼎泰豐復興店

Returned to hotel, packed and checked-out hotel

Ice Monster Breeze Song Gao 微風松高店

Mickey Mouse 90th birthday party in Taipei 米奇趣遊台北在香堤廣場

1973 J&G Fried Chicken 繼光香香雞

Food post

We took 17:40 flight backed to Hong Kong

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