10224 Town Hall

Town Hall, set number 10224, released in March 2012, is the seventh set in the Modular Building line. The set contains 2766 pieces.

3-story Town Hall

8 minifigures: mayor, secretary, bride and groom, press woman, janitor and 2 children.

On the ground floor, the large hall, tax office and auditorium have everything you need to run the town.

The Town Hall is the tallest Modular Building and the only one to offer an expandable elevator

Take the working elevator up to the secretary and mayor’s offices on the second floor, realistically furnished with desks, chairs, paintings and even a frog sculpture. Hold a meeting and address the town’s citizens at the podium!

On the third floor, a spacious meeting room features a large conference table, chairs, globe and plants.

The date for the Town Hall was not only the birth year of the founder of the Lego company, but also is the birthday (day and month) of the designer.

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