Wuhan 2017


The original site of Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓 was on the Yellow Crane Jetty 湖北省武昌蛇山黃鶴磯頭 in year 223 (公元223年三國時代東吳黃武二年). The tower has been destroyed several times. In 1981 he Tower was rebuilt at a new location and completed in 1985.

Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓 is one of the Four Great Towers of China 江南四大名樓之一


View to the west with Tortoise Hill and the Tortoise Mountain TV Tower

Snake Hill 蛇山, view to the east from the Yellow Crane Tower

Yangtze River 長江

Swimming in Yangtze River

Wuhan traditional food, three Ingredient Tofu Strips (三鲜豆皮) & Wuhan Hot and Dry Noodles 熱乾麵

Stayed at Renaissance Wuhan Hotel

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