Kuala Lumpur 2012

6月才去過 Singapore,沒想過這麼快又來一個 City Break Tour。


Kelantan vs QPR @ Shah Alam Stadium


We are QPR fans!

Budget Taxi from KLIA to hotel: RM74.30, for 2 persons (only hand carry bag, no luggage case)

If you want to take taxi from KLIA to city, remember to buy the coupon from the Airport Limo service counter (there is a counter after the green lane, before exit arrival gate)

For shopping and eating, we found that Bukit Bintang district (Pavilion, Lot 10, etc) is better. There is an air-conditioned walkway connecting the KLCC to the Pavillion.

It takes around 20 minutes by walk, from Suria KLCC (entry near Guardian, walk via Auqaria KLCC) to Pavilion (3/F entry, near Starbucks).

Nice nighting + poor shooting

Upon checking-out, the hotel staff offered us to get a taxi to the airport. However, when we got in the taxi another lady requested us to pay RM180 in advance for the taxi fare. We told her we only spent RM74.30 to take a taxi from KLIA to the hotel when arriving in KL.  She then told us that it was a Hotel Taxi (but it looked the same as normal taxi). We refused to be ripped off so we jumped into a budget taxi, but the lady still requested us to pay RM90 in advance for a budget taxi so we had no choice but to pay up.

I am not sure if the taxi services are associated with the hotel but if so , it is very disappointing! So advise you all to catch a cab from the streets and not the hotel as they’ll rip you off.

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