India 2012: Aman-i-khas

在 Sawai Madhopur Station 坐大約 20mins 車,便到達 Aman-i-khas。

Aman-i-khas 是 Amanresorts 第一間在India開設的 resort,每年十月至四月才會營業。Resort 總共有十四個 tent,其中十個 tent 是 guest room,其餘的分別是 dinning tent, SPA, library 及 GM room。

Main entrance
Local musician perform in the evening
Outdoor fireplace
Outdoor dinning area
Way to Library & SPA
Dinning Tent
SPA tent, only 2 couple SPA room.
Way to the accommodation Tent
Yoga class in the morning
Day Bed
Lake view
Farm area outside the Resort

24 hrs security
Our Tent No. 2
Organic garden
Swimming Pool

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