ibis Saigon Airport Hotel

We arrived Ho Chi Minh City after mid-night ibis Saigon Airport Hotel has airport shuttle transfer service, please book in advance. We only stayed one night in Ho Chi Minh and we would take a early morning flight next day, so we picked ibis Saigon Airport Hotel, which is very near the airport. The street outside... Continue Reading →

10224 Town Hall

Town Hall, set number 10224, released in March 2012, is the seventh set in the Modular Building line. The set contains 2766 pieces. 3-story Town Hall 8 minifigures: mayor, secretary, bride and groom, press woman, janitor and 2 children. On the ground floor, the large hall, tax office and auditorium have everything you need to... Continue Reading →

Ho Chi Minh City & Con Dao 2017

Mini statistics, how many times have I been to Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh City: 2000, 2009 & 2010 Nah Trang: 2006 Phu Quoc: 2010 Lang Co: 2013 Hanoi: 2013 A new place to go in 2017 - Con Dao We took late night flight CX0721 from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City and arrived after... Continue Reading →

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Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

Silly me, I bought a telephoto lens after Safari trip ... I did quite a lot of research, and my choice was Canon EF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 L IS USM. But finally, I was persuaded by the sales to buy another telephoto lens. Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM 200mm is definitely not enough for shooting... Continue Reading →

The Residence Boutique Hotel, Johannesburg

We stayed only 1 night in Johannesburg We stayed at The Residence Boutique Hotel, Johannesburg It is a lovely boutique hotel THE BOAT LOUNGE The building was the former Chinese Embassy Drink at the The Piano Bar We ordered room service for dinner The Dining Room Breakfast The pool area

From Ulusaba airstrip to Johannesburg

Happy time flies, time to leave We took a Federal Air Flight 202 from Ulusaba airstrip to Johannesburg We saw a Zebra on our way to Ulusaba airstrip A stop The flight time is around 1.5 hrs Arrived Johannesburg

Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve – Giraffe

3rd Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/UF9fAk 4th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VHjTLR https://flic.kr/p/VHjSZR https://flic.kr/p/VE3vM1 https://flic.kr/p/VE3vwm https://flic.kr/p/VE3vkE https://flic.kr/p/UChSmw https://flic.kr/p/VE3v8f https://flic.kr/p/VE3uQ1 https://flic.kr/p/VE3uy9 https://flic.kr/p/VE3ui9 https://flic.kr/p/VE3u7N https://flic.kr/p/VE3tTb https://flic.kr/p/VE3tzf https://flic.kr/p/UChS8A https://flic.kr/p/VE3tfN https://flic.kr/p/VE3sTf 5th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/UE8JKq https://flic.kr/p/UE8GXC https://flic.kr/p/UE8GEU https://flic.kr/p/VmnUAf https://flic.kr/p/UE8EC7 https://flic.kr/p/UE8EcC https://flic.kr/p/UE8DT1 https://flic.kr/p/UE8Dsw https://flic.kr/p/UE8CXo https://flic.kr/p/UE8CKu https://flic.kr/p/UE8Cwo https://flic.kr/p/UE8CjE https://flic.kr/p/UE8C7L https://flic.kr/p/UE8BAL 7th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VTdi2Y https://flic.kr/p/VTdhnG https://flic.kr/p/VFYZ89

Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve – Leopard

2nd Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/UEWEY2 https://flic.kr/p/UEWEGR https://flic.kr/p/UEWEnx https://flic.kr/p/UEWEaD https://flic.kr/p/UEWDX4 https://flic.kr/p/UEWDKF https://flic.kr/p/UEWDv2 https://flic.kr/p/UEWDkH https://flic.kr/p/UEWDbz https://flic.kr/p/UEWCXZ https://flic.kr/p/UEWCK4 https://flic.kr/p/UEWCee https://flic.kr/p/UEWC32 https://flic.kr/p/UEWBTz https://flic.kr/p/UEWBtr https://flic.kr/p/UEWBgH https://flic.kr/p/UEWB7V 3rd Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VjwS5Y https://flic.kr/p/VjwRRS https://flic.kr/p/VjwRuu https://flic.kr/p/VRdJHu https://flic.kr/p/VRdJuy https://flic.kr/p/VRdJ1h https://flic.kr/p/VjwK5W Lion & Leopard 3rd Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VjwKx9 4th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VE3seQ https://flic.kr/p/VE3rVJ https://flic.kr/p/VE3rDS https://flic.kr/p/VE3rmh https://flic.kr/p/VE3r3b https://flic.kr/p/VE3qGm https://flic.kr/p/VE3q47 https://flic.kr/p/VE3pC7 https://flic.kr/p/UChx9o https://flic.kr/p/UChwSb https://flic.kr/p/UChwAE https://flic.kr/p/UChwof https://flic.kr/p/VHjJDx https://flic.kr/p/VHjJbt https://flic.kr/p/VHjHK8... Continue Reading →

Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve – Hippopotamus

2nd Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VUuv3c https://flic.kr/p/VUuuRR https://flic.kr/p/VUuuyM https://flic.kr/p/VUuuoX 3rd Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VRdLVW https://flic.kr/p/VRdLLh 5th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/UE8HPY https://flic.kr/p/UE8HGJ https://flic.kr/p/UE8HB3 6th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VFVmvs https://flic.kr/p/VFVmnb https://flic.kr/p/VFVmbj https://flic.kr/p/Vmr7a1 https://flic.kr/p/Vmr6VJ https://flic.kr/p/Vmr6E3 https://flic.kr/p/Vmr6gh 7th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VTcStj https://flic.kr/p/VTcStj https://flic.kr/p/VTcSgq https://flic.kr/p/VTcS5y https://flic.kr/p/UH9QiP https://flic.kr/p/UH9PTv https://flic.kr/p/UH9Psa 8th Game Drive https://flic.kr/p/VuzEBm https://flic.kr/p/UHcR8i https://flic.kr/p/UHcR14 https://flic.kr/p/UHcQSZ https://flic.kr/p/UHcQJ2 https://flic.kr/p/UHcQvM https://flic.kr/p/VmwwKJ

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