SAA = Society of Abandoned Animals 保護遺棄動物協會有限公司







Please support their “”Animals Sponsorship Scheme”

Info from SAA web-site:

SAA is currently providing shelter and care for about 300 animals. However, some of these animals are with handicaps or other medical problems, and they are unlikely to be adopted. With our fundamental belief that “Animals have a right to live”, SAA is committed to take care of them for the remaining days of their lives. In order to practice our belief, we need large financial assistance. Through our “Animals Sponsorship Scheme”, you can help us to keep our promise of providing food, regular vaccinations, medical care and a loving home for the sponsored animals.

All that a sponsor needs to do is to donate a monthly sponsorship fee of HK$99. Together with our other source of funds, that will be sufficient to assistant us to take care of the animal so sponsored until the end of its natural life. All sponsors are welcome to visit our shelter and are sent updated information, photos of the animals. For those 1-year or above sponsors, SAA will isssue a certificate of appreciation for your generous sponsorship.

Act Now! Give a hand to the following Star of Sponsorship or animals in SAA.

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