Southern Track

We walked back from Panorama Deck to the resort Southern Track, a 2.4Km walking track Woo, we saw a Wombat! But it is not a good sign to see them during daytime, healthy Wombats usually only come out at night. Skin infection on both arms Another Wombat One more Wombat I was so sad to see this... Continue Reading →

Nocturnal tour

You can see a lot of Kangaroos & Wallabies in the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, but I still recommend to join the Nocturnal tour because you can see a lot of Wombats. The 1 hour Nocturnal tour was started at 6:00pm Wombat Another Wombat Mother Wombat and her Joey Sad to see a mange-infected wombat,... Continue Reading →

I saw a Wombat

On our second day in Wolgan Valley, when we walked back to our villa We saw a Wombat What a surprise! We were so excited to see a Wombat But then we found that the Wombat may has health problem ... It seems that the Wombat has skin problem ... Hair loss and thickened skin... Continue Reading →

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