10255 Assembly Square

10th anniversary addition to the LEGO Modular Building series - Assembly Square, set number: 10255, released on 1 January 2017, is the twelfth set in the Modular Building series. This set contains 4002 pieces. 9 minifigures, include an infant The florist The baker is serving cupcakes to hungry customers while putting the final touches to... Continue Reading →

10246 Detective’s Office

Detective's Office, set number 10246), released in 1 January 2015, is the tenth set in the Modular Building series. This set contains 2262 pieces. 6 minifigures with assorted accessories: Detective Ace Brickman, Al the barber, dart player, pool player, police woman and a mysterious lady in red. Barbershop Play pool The detective's office on the... Continue Reading →

10243 Parisian Restaurant

Parisian Restaurant, set number 10243, released in January 2014, is the ninth set in the Modular Building series. This set contains 2469 pieces. 5 minifigures: chef, waiter, girl and a romantic couple The Parisian Restaurant Cozy apartment with pull-down bed, kitchenette and fireplace On the top floor is the artist’s room with a studio

10224 Town Hall

Town Hall, set number 10224, released in March 2012, is the seventh set in the Modular Building line. The set contains 2766 pieces. 3-story Town Hall 8 minifigures: mayor, secretary, bride and groom, press woman, janitor and 2 children. On the ground floor, the large hall, tax office and auditorium have everything you need to... Continue Reading →

10218 Pet Shop

Pet Shop, set number 10218, released in May 2011, is the sixth set in the Modular Buildings series. The set contains 2032 pieces. 2 completely independent 3-story Townhouses 4 minifigures and the animals Townhouse features ground floor with mailbox and mail Access to basement crawl space Ground floor Left:  Townhouse with accessories and spiral staircase leading... Continue Reading →

10211 Grand Emporium

Grand Emporium, set number 10211, released in March 2010, is the fifth set in the Modular Buildings series. The set contains 2182 pieces. Grand Emporium is a 3-story department store and 2nd corner building in the Modular Buildings series. 5 minifigures Revolving doors Ice cream stand Another 2 minifigures Billboard Ground-floor is clothing department Escalator Cash register... Continue Reading →

10197 Fire Brigade

Fire Brigade, set number 10197, released in September 2009, is the fourth set in the Modular Buildings series. The set contains 2231 pieces. The exterior of the Fire Brigade is loosely based on various New York firehouses Building instruction 4 minifigures and a fire-dog 30s-style fire truck The date on the building represents the date... Continue Reading →

Lego Modular Building

Lego Modular Building Set number Release date Pieces 1. Café Corner 10182 Apr-07              2,056 2. Market Street 10190 2007              1,236 3. Green Grocer 10185 2008              2,352 4. Fire Brigade 10197 Sep-09              2,231 5. Grand Emporium 10211 Mar-10              2,182 6. Pet Shop 10218 May-11              2,032 7. Town Hall 10224 Mar-12... Continue Reading →

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