Copic Original Markers vs Sketch Markers

早前貪得意買了三支 Copic Marker,試了很難抗拒不再買多幾支。 Copic 有四款 marker: Original, Sketch, Ciao 及 Wide。在網上有很多討論那一款較好的文章,可以參考一下,也可在 Copic 的 web-site 看看。 不過最好還是自己試一試。 買了 18 支 Copic Sketch Copic vs Sketch Copic: original line, great for airbrushing, firm nibs are easy to write with. Sketch: multiple airbrushing effect, the super brush nib acts like a paintbrush. According to Copic web-site, both contain... Continue Reading →

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