Rudie got a scab (類似傷口結焦) on his back 3 – 4 weeks ago, it doesn’t itch nor hurt when I touch on the scab, at first I thought it is a sign of healing process of a wound, (雖然都有少少奇怪點解會整到). 

But the scab still there after 3 – 4 weeks, it’s abnormal!

a scab on my dog’s skin!

Vet said it’s a skin infection, similar to human’s dry skin problem???

我覺得 “infection” 是好大的問題,不過 Vet 又話是小問題,只需要用這支 shampoo – Mallazyme 便可以。

Mallazyme shampoo


  • 支 shampoo 無註明在那裡生產? (個 manufacturer 叫 SUNGBO,我估是 made in Koren)
  • 個樽又有大字寫住 “POISON”!
  • 我查過成分有 Steroids (類固醇)

不過最後都要用 …

Instruction: apply Mallazyme shampoo at several point and massage into the coast, allow to stand for 10 minutes …

10 minutes!!!


我唔忍心等 10 分鐘,最後 2 – 3 分鐘已過水!下次或者只 apply on infected area.

4 thoughts on “infection?

  1. Rudie 你試下用有機白醋,, (係有機白醋唔係煮餸嗰啲) 倒少少落化妝棉或棉花棒, 搽於患處, 等白醋吸收後再搽上茶樹油cream , 效果非常好, 我家bebe 以前經常生癬, 睇醫生都冇用, 用過幾次後已經好番哂

  2. 點解會咁傷既 ? 我之前mocha都係咁, 我地睇vet話傷口係燒傷咁, 我地懷疑係pet shop個吹風箱所致, 所以立即換左另一間

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